Know How


Environment Friendly solutions

One of our strongest side is the continual use of water based textile ink.  We priorities to use PVC free inks, when it is possible. Our product line of chemicals have been selected, so we fulfill the demands for Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1  :           (Class 1 = babies under 2 years) and to GOTS 3.0.

HRT Print is certified to both environmental label and we have certificate to prove it.   It is HRT Print´s customers insurance that the product they receive from HRT Print will not harm the user of the finish product.   We are the only printing company in Ukraine which have both environmental labels in the house.

If any further questions regarding the environmental parameters of our products we will be happy to answer them.


For direct print, our production machinery consists of 3 automatic-printing carrousels. Each printing carrousels have its own heat dryer.  The heat dryer is long and power-full, which guarantee a good fixation of the print, in order to give good washing fastness.

For sample print, our machinery includes 3 manual printing carrousels.

Transfer print, our machinery consists of 2 printing press. One fully automatic with glue –powder apply unit.

Our machinery give a good mix of solution and we are able to give good delivery terms.

Printing Technology

Our print technology is Screen-printing. Both for direct and transfer print.